Saturday at RJJA Toledo

Packed house at RJJA Toledo today! Really great day of training through the kids/teens/adults classes. AND I even got to teach a little bit today which was fun!! Taught a basic mount escape to closed guard then the hip bump sweep from closed guard to mount. What I realized most was that the little things you do when you’re performing a move are the hardest to teach. Especially things like the timing or the little details of where your hands need to be, when your guard needs to be open, etc. Teaching is much harder than it looks, let me tell you. Luckily the kids/teens at our academy are great about paying attention and learning. Then adult class was a review of the KOB moves from this week and finished with an hour of open mat training. Lots of people came today from other Ribeiro schools in Michigan Canada, and Ohio and everyone had a lot of fun and a really great day of training! I love when a whole bunch of our Ribeiro family gets together to help each other improve. It's always a great time. 

Here’s what I learned today about gi versus no gi training (since the kids/teens class is no gi). It in THEORY shouldn’t matter if you only train in the gi, you should still be good at no gi
if you’re good at holding positions and transitions. I, however, learned my game is based entirely off grips (for example, right now my favorite guard is spider) and this whole no gi thing is really tough for me to transition to. I’m working on teaching my brain to think of a wrist as a sleeve, the neck as the lapel, and the ankle as the pant leg. I’m also working different kinds of guards like x-guard in no gi which I’m then transitioning to more in my gi game. So I think it’s really interesting. But honestly, sometimes when we train no gi open mat at the end of class, I end up flailing around hopelessly. It definitely switched things up in my brain and has caused me to think differently, which is always a good thing but boy… I am not good at it!

I’m back to training at least 3 days a week again during my psychiatry rotation, which is wonderful! (Although, this psychiatry rotation is....interesting.... ) So I’m going to keep training for what will *hopefully* be the next tournament in September. (Actually, it would be the tournament that was my first ever tournament last year!

In the meantime…. If you all could click HERE  to support a RJJA Black Belt Jeremy Harris in a guitar contest. Clicks on the link count as votes and he could win a trip to LA to learn from Synyster Gates. Support BJJ players with awesome outside interests!


Have a great rest of your weekend everyone :)

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