Reliving My Past - a Tale in Pictures

On Sunday my mom and I took my baby brother to COLLEGE! Out of my 3 brothers, he's the one who chose to go to my wonderful alma mater :) He'll be studying chemistry/physics and playing soccer for JCU. And I'm so incredibly proud of him! 

While we were there, I got to take a trip down memory lane! I had what were truly the best 4 years of my life at John Carroll. I made amazing friends, I had the best professors, I learned a lot, I grew a lot, and I had a ton of fun. 

So enjoy my walk down memory lane with me! 


JCU!!!! <3 <3 <3
DOLAN!!! This is by far my favorite building on campus. Collectively over the 4 years at JCU I spent the most time here either in the chemistry club president's office (aka me), the research lab, the chemistry labs as a Teaching Assistant, the classrooms to study, or the professors offices (especially during analytical chem). A magical place of learning :)
The view from just outside Dolan Science Center of the second quad and original classroom building (this is my geeky tour guide side coming out of me. YES! I was in fact a tour guide at JCU. And I'm fairly sure I sold the school to so many people purely because my love for Carroll oozed out from every fiber of my being)!

Pacelli Hall - My first home away from home as a freshman!
Bernet Hall - My junior/senior home away from home. Lots of really wonderful memories were made here - from prank wars to watching all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in 9 months to lots of late night chats with truly great roommates. 
View from one side of the main quad. I loved the banner "transforming lives". I know it definitely changed mine. 
For anyone who knew me, an argument could be made that I spent more time in this room freshman and sophomore (and well into junior and senior years) than just about anywhere on campus. Lots of life lessons were learned here.
Hands down the BEST frozen custard ever. And this beats all forms of ice cream/fro yo. 
The most delicious subs ever! Conveniently located across from campus. Our "treat" during finals week every year (along with the Ben & Jerrys that was located even more conveniently next door).

And my weekend ended at home with a really beautiful day off to study for my quiz on my psychiatry rotation! 

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