USMLE Step 1 Tomorrow

TOMORROW’S THE BIG DAY!! ... lots of positive vibes and thoughts sent my way would be greatly appreciated :)

I know that I don’t know everything and that makes me feel a little not ready, but I haven’t actually felt ready for a single med school exam in 2 years, so that’s not new. I do feel prepared though, and am ready to go in and prove to myself (and hopefully the National Board of Medical Examiners) that I’ve learned a lot over the past 2 years (and definitely in the past 5.5 weeks). I survived 5.5 weeks of 12 hour study days - I made it through 115 practice question sets (over 5000 questions), a 695 page review book at least 6 times,  and 230 phamacology flashcards so many times I can’t even remember. I have two spiral notebooks filled with notes and have officially killed 8 highlighters and 12 colored pens. For all intents and purposes, I’m ready. It’s all about remaining calm and being able to think clearly through the questions at this point. And today was a wonderful day of relaxation, which of course included mat time with some great friends.

Luckily, I have the best family and most amazing friends a girl could ever ask for. They’ve kept me sane, gotten me through every panic attack, and could always make me laugh when I felt like crying. They have been my saving grace. So, THANK YOU to everyone who’s had to put up with me and who’s made this process so much easier.

My family has put up with every freak out, every bad day, and still has been so incredibly loving and supportive. (AND gave me motivational cards and flowers today!) My best friend was there in the library with me every single day pushing me to study and focus. My amazing college best friends who were going through the same thing sent me daily motivation and were people who I could vent to because they understood. My med class has been incredible – there was the greatest outpouring of support that I could never begin to put into words, UT Class of 2015, you’re amazing. And even though I couldn’t be on the mats, my BJJ family has continued to give me such great support me through it all.

So, somehow I’ve managed to remain *fairly* sane through this whole thing. I’m ready for tomorrow and excited to move onto the next part of my life.

Extremely grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life and to have the privilege of being in medical school, even if the last 6 weeks have felt more like a curse.

These will finally be dust collectors on my bookshelf


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